New 2022 Cadillac CT-V Blackwing, Release Date, Specs, Colors

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New 2022 Cadillac CT-V Blackwing, Release Date, Specs, Colors – Cadillac might have been in a sort of limbo for the last decade, but a new era has dawned, with the 2022 Cadillac CT-V Blackwing representing a new entry point to the range. It took Cadillac several years to rid itself of that stuffy old-school image, but it managed to do so via more brilliant styling, improved interior quality, and better packaging. GM’s revised Alpha II platform deserves special mention, as it has arguably done the most to transform Caddy’s sedan range from humdrum to fun-filled.

The CT-V Blackwing is an odd size, and while it technically replaces the old ATS, it now fits in a bracket between vehicle classifications. Larger than subcompacts like the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class and BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe but smaller than compact sedans like the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class, the CT-V Blackwing occupies an exciting space where its rear-wheel and all-wheel drivetrains give it a dynamic edge over smaller rivals. At the same time, its price acts as a distinct advantage over the more significant competition. Armed with a 237 horsepower turbocharged four-pot or an available 310 hp from a larger 2.7L unit, the CT-V Blackwing seems like it wants to target the German establishment on multiple fronts.

2022 Cadillac CT-V Redesign
2022 Cadillac CT-V Redesign

New 2022 Cadillac CT-V Blackwing Redesign

Despite 2022 being the second year of the CT-V Blackwing’s existence, meaningful upgrades have been made to keep it fresh. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now standard across the range, and Caddy’s new Super Cruise with lane change on demand is optional, albeit with late availability. To add to the standard safety specification, automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection are now standard across the range. In addition, a new 12-inch HD digital instrument cluster is available for Premium Luxury and Sport models, and the Premium Luxury model gains a new package named the Diamond Sky Special Edition with a sporty body kit, upgraded interior, and exterior trim, and performance Brembo brakes.


According to Cadillac, the CT-V Blackwing’s interior is driver-oriented and big enough for five people. However, while the exterior dimensions suggest the Cadillac CT-V Blackwing is more significant than a 3 Series, inside, the cabin is sized more in line with the subcompact 2 Series Gran Coupe, meaning rear space is severely compromised despite the substantial exterior footprint. This aside, the design is a big step up for Cadillac. The most prominent internal feature is the eight-inch touchscreen on top of the center console. In addition, there are standard features aplenty, LED interior lighting with a stealth mode, and standard leatherette upholstery. In terms of design, the CT-V Blackwing’s interior is very BMW-like. It’s pretty apparent where Caddy’s inspiration came from, and we don’t think that’s a bad thing.

2022 Cadillac CT-V Interior
2022 Cadillac CT-V Interior

The CT-V is a five-seater sedan, but while it may seem significant on the outside, inside, it’s rather cramped. Front passengers are treated to 42.4 inches of legroom and 38.3 inches of headroom. Things are less rosy for the rear passengers, demonstrating the effects of the smaller wheelbase. While the Caddy is longer than the 3 Series in terms of length, the German easily beats the American when it comes to rear passenger space. Rear passengers get nearly 10 inches less than front passengers. Measuring in at 33.4 inches, coupled to 36.5 inches of headroom, six-footers are going to have a problem getting comfortable. Still, the CT-V is on par with its smaller rivals. Merc’s CLA offers 33.9 inches of leg space, while the Audi A3 Sedan leads the pack with 35.1 inches.

New 2022 Cadillac CT-V Engine

As standard, all CT-V Blackwing’s come standard with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. This engine develops 237 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. Giving the CT-V an advantage against subcompact rivals, rear-wheel drive is standard. However, all-wheel drive is available for $2,600 on the Luxury and Sport trims, while upgrading the Premium Luxury to AWD costs $3,200. The Premium Luxury model also offers a more powerful 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine as an option. The base RWD models complete the obligatory 0-60 mph sprint in just 6.2 seconds, while the 310-hp 2.7L model manages an even more impressive 4.8-second dash. AWD-equipped models may improve upon that further, but Cadillac has yet to publish figures for these derivatives, nor does it make any attempt to claim impressive top speed figures. On the other hand, the standard 2.0-liter engine across the range is no slouch. With 237 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, the latter produced from just 1,500 rpm, it has ample shove and is happy to rev out to 6,000 rpm.

2022 Cadillac CT-V Engine
2022 Cadillac CT-V Engine

The standard eight-speed automatic transmission is a peach, too, snapping through the gears with nearly invisible changes. Getting up to highway speeds is easy, and overtaking is effortless. We’d be pretty happy if this were the only engine option, but since modern Caddy’s are aimed at enthusiasts, it’s not. Available exclusively on the Premium Luxury, the 2.7-liter turbocharged engine packs a 310 hp/350 lb-ft punch, paired with a ten-speed automatic gearbox. Peak torque is also available from 1,500 rpm, making low- and high-speed overtaking maneuvers a joy. This engine makes the CT-V noticeably quicker from 0 to 60 mph. Thanks to the ten-speed’s more extensive spread of gear ratios, it feels faster without having a drastic effect on fuel consumption. Unfortunately, with so many ratios available, it tends to get clumsy at times. It does an excellent job in Sport mode, however, holding on to gears for longer. But this mode is a tad too frantic to use daily.

New 2022 Cadillac CT-V Release Date and Price

The most affordable 2022 Cadillac CT-V is the base Luxury derivative with an MSRP of $33,395. From there, it’s a significant leap to the Premium Luxury model with the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which retails for $37,595. In addition, the more powerful 2.7-liter engine can only be ordered in Premium Luxury trim, taking the price of the Cadillac CT-V up to $41,495. Last, the Sport model is only slightly more expensive in the trim ladder than the Premium Luxury with the 2.0-liter engine, retailing for $38,695. All-wheel drive adds $2,600 to the Luxury and Sport trims and $3,200 on the Premium Luxury but adds the Climate Package as standard on the latter. These prices exclude Cadillac’s destination charge of $1,195.

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